The Hoy at Anchor Folk Club’s Open Night

As I move towards my return to the US, I realize I’ve been a bit remiss in posting about my musical adventures in the UK. I pledge to catch up on that! For now. let me share that I’m glad to be taking part in the Hoy at Anchor Folk Club‘s Open Night this Tuesday, 14 February, 8 PM, at the Westcliff British Legion, 7-9 Northview Drive, SS0 9NG, Westcliff-on-Sea, in Essex. Here‘s their Facebook event page, and here’s a photo of some of their regulars: My husband David grew up in the area, and we’re making a long drive down from Teesdale to visit his family. I look forward to seeing more of England and connecting with a bit of the local folk scene. The Hoy at Anchor was founded in 1970 in the historic small fishing village of Leigh-on-Sea on the Thames estuary.