Faith Communities

In 2017, in the UK, my husband David and I formally joined the Quakers, who practice silent worship, yet I love making music with singing faith communities who keep the flame of love and connection lit in these difficult times. My goal is to make heartfelt music that fosters authentic human connection, where Love (as in “God is Love”) is made real. As a guest musician, I accompany and/or lead group singing and provide special music appropriate to the theme of the gathering. My background has equipped me well for this work:

  • Growing up in Milo, Maine, I attended the United Baptist Church, taking part in youth choirs and playing piano and organ for services.
  • As a result of connections made at a local peace vigil, in 1991 I became music director at the Franconia Community Church of Christ (UCC) in Franconia, NH, leading the choir, accompanying congregational singing, and providing special music until I moved to Maine in 2003.

  • For 20+ years, I’ve taken part in the Dances of Universal Peace, an interfaith practice pairing chants from world spiritual traditions with simple circle dances.
  • From 2004-2013, I led music at both the Brownfield Community Church (then UCC) in Brownfield, ME and the Monhegan Community Church (nondenominational) on the island of Monhegan, ME. On Monhegan I led a weekly group singing session called Songs of the Spirit, as well as hymn sings.

  • In 2012, I married David Wallace-Lawrence, an interfaith chant leader from Britain, whose knowledge of and passion for his work inspire and deepen my own endeavors.

Please be in touch to explore how I might be of service to your faith community.