Katherine at Ice Pond Steeped in community and church music, I grew up in small town Milo, Maine, where I recall earnestly trying to play my Great-Aunt-Lydia’s piano as a very young girl, until my family got me my own ($1 at a Lion’s Club auction – no other bids!). I took piano lessons from first grade onward, taught myself to play the guitar my mother got me with S&H Green Stamps, and sang at every opportunity.

Since then my musical adventures have included:

With voice, Marxophone and violin-guitar (play-by-number American fretless zithers sold door to door in the early 1900s), harpeleik, accordion, Lithuanian kanklės (from the land of my mother’s people), and more, I do a blend of originals, traditional music, and off-the-beaten-path covers.

(A more in-depth version of this bio is available here.)

About my new CD Joyful Confluence, released in August 2016:


  • “It was worth waiting for!! I have played it through twice, & shall probably wear it out. I love it all! No one sings like you do, & it moves me deeply.” – Susan Hirschman
  • “I want to tell you that I believe musically, and in other ways, Katherine, you are are a Cultural Treasure. I added the caps to indicate how very special you are… Congratulations on your new CD!” – Susan Gilbert Lord
  • “I absolutely love your new cd and hope that you are aggressively promoting it at your gigs !!!”Tom Ghent