Monhegan time…

A couple of weeks ago I came out to the island of Monhegan, 10 miles off midcoast Maine, to see friends, play hammered dulcimer and accordion on the Trailing Yew porch before dinner, play pump organ and piano at the Community Church, emcee the June 20 Monhegan Jamboree (open mic for all ages, without the mic), restock my CDs at Winter Works, & open cottages (my seasonal day job). I began working here as a teenager 44 years ago, and spent one winter as a baitbagger for the lobster fleet. For a stretch until just a few years ago, when my life was gloriously complicated and enriched by marriage to my true love, David Wallace-Lawrence, I lived here May through October. My time here is shorter now, and interrupted by several trips inshore (one coming up to play at nursing homes for a few days), but I’ll be based here another few weeks, and I’m loving every minute of it!


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  1. Sandy

    Thats wonderful that you are able to go back to a place that you Love even for awhile. Some day I would like to come to Monhegan for day as I hear it is a wonderful place.

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