From England to Monhegan

I left England in mid-May, having maxed out my six months as a family visitor. My true love David Wallace-Lawrence remains there. We’re grateful for our daily Skype calls until I can return! For now, I’m spending a month on the Maine island of Monhegan, where I have a seasonal day job opening summer cottages. I’m also active here musically.

I played hammered dulcimer and accordion a few evenings on the Trailing Yew porch in late May. That early-season offering is now over, but it was a pleasure and a privilege to be there! I first came here 49 years ago to work as the “kitchen girl” at the Yew.

I’ve been playing the piano and pump organ at the Monhegan Community Church the past few Sundays and look forward to doing so again. I’ll also take part, with many others, in a benefit for the Church on Thursday, June 16, 7:30 PM. It’s a COVID-delayed CD release concert for the Monhegan Time recording, sales of which also benefit the Church.

I also look forward to the first Monhegan Jamboree (open “mic” benefiting the Church) of the season on June 21. A few days later I’ll head back to my place in Hiram, Maine. From there I’ll happily resume my work doing musical activities in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, being a substitute musician in churches, and some other gigs. My calendar page has the details.