Back in Maine!

I’m back in Maine after six months in the UK. After the decimation of my musical work last year due to the pandemic, it feels quite novel indeed to be entering a few dates into my upcoming gig calendar, beginning with some outdoor engagements at the Bridgton Farmers Market!

I’m feeling my way through the evolving public health guidelines. Many audiences I serve, including nursing home residents and other older folks, may be vulnerable even if vaccinated. As of this writing, Maine’s guidance for performing arts still includes restrictive measures: “Activities like singing or using a projected voice project respiratory droplets in greater quantity and over greater distance, increasing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, particularly with prolonged exposure. Maintain at least 14 feet of separation—and more if possible—between audience members and performers such as vocalists and singers” and “Because singing is a higher risk activity, a well-fitting mask is recommended as opposed to a cloth mask.”  It’s a challenge to discern what responsible live music looks like in 2021, but I’m on the case!