Grange Songbooks and Sheet Music History!

Hot off the virtual press! A detailed history of vintage Grange songbooks and sheet music is now available here, with loads of links to downloads and primary sources. It took several weeks of intensive research and wordcraft to assemble. I’ve tried to create the page I wish I’d had when I first began to pursue this bit of history. If you spot any errors or omissions, please let me know.

I’m so very grateful for the wealth of materials available online from the Library of Congress, Internet Archive, HathiTrust Digital Library, Canadiana, the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)/Petrucci Music Library, and more! In addition to seeking out online copies of songbooks and sheet music, I spent hours poring over old newspapers as well as Journals of Proceedings of the National Grange, the Dominion Grange of Canada, and several state Granges.

The page is a work in progress, and my research is ongoing. For example, there are many more state Grange records to examine! I will add to the page as I learn more.

I not only study vintage songs of the Grange, I love to sing these songs celebrating agriculture and community and lifting up the still unfinished business of the common good. It is a pleasure and a privilege to share this rich heritage of song!

“There are speculators all about, you know
Who are sure to help each other roll the ball,
As the people they can fleece, and then take so much apiece,
While the farmer is the man that feeds them all.”

-from “The Farmer Feeds Us All” by Knowles Shaw, from Grange Melodies