Meeting what comes…

Early detection saves lives! Thanks to my routine annual mammogram, I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, fortunately caught early. I’m unafraid, hopeful of full recovery, and very grateful for health coverage and excellent care! This development has derailed my near term plans, forcing postponement of our annual trip to England. My course of treatment is still taking shape, but I believe I can take bookings in good faith for later in the year, though winter and spring are up in the air.

Though it was daunting at first, I now count this down time for healing as an unexpected opportunity. I’m resting, reading, enjoying music, renewing my Lithuanian language studies, trying to remain an engaged citizen, and, at a slow but deliberate pace, working on expanding this website. Perhaps I’ll attend to a neglected instrument or two in my collection as my energy allows. Through it all I could not ask for a more supportive companion than my true love David.

Mortality is the price of admission to this crazy creation. Even so, I’m delighted to be here! Catch you later…


  1. Valerie

    I will forever be thankful I know you.

    1. Katherine Rhoda (Post author)

      Thanks so very much, Val! Likewise!

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